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About Us

I have been doing OCR since November 2016. I have completed over 40 Spartan races, 10 Spartan Trifectas, 6 Toughmudders and a multitude of other mudrun races. I am currently Spartan SGX and Obstacle Course Training certified. I also hold personal trainer certification.

I work with individuals one on one, group trainings, youth trainings, online prograams and work with several high school age sports teams.  gaSKILLS Online Training and Programs

I offer online programs, post training videos and other offers on my linktree.

Newly added FITNESS STORE has been created for my clients visit my linktree.

I look forward to working with you on and off the course!

Coach Gaskill


Why Us?


Having the experience on the course, as well as, the training off the course allows me to bring that experience directly to you first-hand. I trained numerous individuals for living and creating a new healthy lifestyle.


I am here to help you meet your goal. I will push you, coach you and help you reach your goal. Do you want to just get started in getting fit, complete your first OCR or take it to the next level we will work together to accomplish that in an safe and encouraging way.


We workout in parks, your home or locations that is fitting and suitable for you and what you want to accomplish! My online training allows for you to workout from anywhere you like and at any times.
gaSKILLS Online Training and Programs


I work with you on weekends, week nights or when we can schedule it to fit us both.


What is offered?

One on one training

OCR obstacle training

Group training

HIIT workouts

Band workouts

Team workouts

On Course training

Training Platform


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What Our Clients Say

"Incredible workout!."


Winnetka, CA

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